August 9, 2015

I can’t believe how much I miss running. I have been stuck home with a flu ever since I got back from Mallorca almost 2 weeks now! And especially now that I saw that Nike has released yet another challenge and motivated!!! Check this out 

They have made yet another amazing work out program for you to reach your goals. Whether it’s to run a marathon or a mile. They get you there! So check it out and join me on this challenge.



July 2, 2015



You haven’t given up on your body just yet, have you? I know I know I know, it’s summer. And you get lazy! But no, get moving! Nike has released an amazing new program for you to do, to push your limits, strength, flexibility and speed, the upcoming 12 weeks. Come on, you can do it!



June 30, 2015

IMG_5143Seriously, this weekend was one of the funnest weekends in a long time, if not ever in Stockholm! I love these kind of happenings. When you are having fun with your friends while doings something you love and that doesn’t inquire drinking. It was so much fun! I did my first race, which was a lot funner than I could ever imagine. I was smiling the entire run, because I was so overwhelmed by everything. And of course, the nike dork I am, I couldn’t help but to be completely  absorb by all the admiration. It was such an amazing two days and I can’t wait for next year. I doing them and definitely trying out another city as well! So amazing! So next year, get on that and get your tickets early. It’s so cheap and worth it!




June 30, 2015

IMG_5105-2 FullSizeRender


I got to do yoga with this amazing view at Nike Training Club Tour this Sunday. It was a beautiful 27 degrees sunny day and it was perfect. I have always liked yoga, but since I am a girl who likes to sweat when I am exercising I never get around to it. But this weekend, I really realised how much I love it and how great I feel after it. I feel so at ease in my soul and clear headed. It really is the perfect exercise. So when I get back from my vacation in 3 weeks I will definitely be doing more yoga. At leafs try to squeeze it in on my “rest day”. Does that mean 7 work outs a week?! Hell yeah! I have had people telling me “you can’t work out that much, its too much. its not good of your body. it need sot rest” bla bla bla… But then I had a chat with one of the Nike Master trainers at the event,  and she said “no, it all depends on what shape you are in. If you are a fit girl who works out a lot. A “rest day” can be a yoga day or just a day that you go for  an hour brisk walk or play basketball or something.” So there you have the answer. Just listen to your body. If you are tired, don’t do it. But if you feel like you can, you should! It has nothing to do with your muscle capacity and what not.


So that nice and a great new challenge. There is nothing I love more than sweating and busting my ass over. A great work out class is probably the thing I get the most endorphins from. So why wouldn’t I do it?


June 30, 2015


I did it! I did it! I did it! On saturday I ran my first race!  10k with Nike Run, I got in on the time 54:02 minutes. So to be my first run, I was pretty please. But I have signed up for tjejmilen (“girl mile”) in September and Hässelbyloppet in October, so I have a few more to train for. 10 km, is a good distance, not too far! But still far ;) I was at least really pleased and I encourange EVERYONE to participate in a race. 2 months ago I said “there is nothing I hate more than running. I would never in my entire life run a race”… then two months later, I did it! I ran! And I WILL NEVER STOP! MOUHAHAHAHAH


June 23, 2015

11402669_827982233922906_2369100852537823697_nForgot to tell you! I cut off all my hair. haha! I got a real boycut. It’s the first time in my life I have left the hairdresser felling a 100% content! I LOVE IT!!!



June 23, 2015


Aren’t we all? If not, you should seriously consider it. After starting to work, I have quickly come to realise that life is far too short to be doing anything, BUT pursuing MAGIC. We all have our different version on magic, so we can’t compare with one and other. But what we can do is try to pursue our own idea of it. For me, I quickly realised last week, no matter how much I love my work. I will never love it as much as my life. My friends, my boyfriend, my hobbies. Never, it’s impossible. Listening to my workaholic friends that have turned into robots and dedicated their lives to 18 hours work day and 6 digits salaries, for what? A killer a apartment, that you never get to spend time in? Nice clothes, that you never have time to show anyone? It’s just never worth it. As soon as you start working, you’re either lucky enough to have your job as your hobby or you’re not. Which means that you have to learn to prioritise your free time. If there is 24 hours in one day. I am sleep 8 or those hours and working 9 of them. That leaves me with 2,5  hours in the morning to get ready, feed myself and transport myself to my office and 2 hours at night  to feed myself and get my ass back home from work. Which leaves me with 2,5 hours in a day to just spend time on me. Which includes hitting the gym and showering, which gives me about 1-1,5h to do nothing, like make out with my boyfriend! That 1,5h is the most precious time during my entire day. Whether it’s inside my boyfriends mouth or sharing a glass of wine with a friend. Either way, it’s crucial for me to survive another 9 hour work day. Why in the world would I ever EVER choose a job that takes that away from me? Ask yourself that tonight when you go to bed, did I make the most of it?


June 23, 2015



So it didn’t take long until, I was replaced.  I always pictured myself to get replaced by a younger looking barbie when I’m 50, not this hairy boy when I’m only 23… But you know, that’s how life goes. After months and weeks of Dag complaining about wanting a dog and wanting to take care of one at least for a couple of weeks, my mom surprised us yesterday with my little sister Kajsa’s dog, Bertil. And it took about 4 seconds until Dag, completely fell for him and forgot who I was. Hahaha kidding! But here is Bertil that we will be taking care of for a couple of weeks. Probably the nicest dog in the world.

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June 22, 2015


June 22, 2015


Today as I was heading to work, a song popped in to my headphones. Everyday I’m hustlin’! And seriously, I am. And so are you. Every god damn day we are hustling our way in this world to make ourselves heard, seen, noticed, famous, rich or whatever it may be. And why isn’t there a blog out there that’s talking about every day challenges about HUSTLING?!? I don’t care about your new copper candle stick or your new stan smiths, that every single person in your city is walking around with. I am more insterested about you, YOUR LIFE! About the shit you are doing to making your life better. Making this world a more fun place to live and a reason for me to want to open the news papper in the morning and being inspired. I don’t want to hear about the murders or on some low-news-days “The prince is marrying a porn star”?! Who the fuck cares. I want to read about things that inspire me. YOU GUYS! I want to inspire you all to be powerful people taking over the world, one woodfire at a time. So at it y’all! Send me your story that you are proud of. I want to show everyone that there is more to this world! EVERY DAY I’M HUSTLIN’ so email your stories to

and I’ll keep you posted with mine!



June 9, 2015



Before I used to admire girls that would be able to take “sexy” work out photos and be so pleased with themselves that they would post it for the rest of world to see. Some may hate on those girls for thinking that they were being shallow and just asking for the attention. And yea, sure probably 50% the whole point of it. But I also think it’s because they are so damn proud of what they have worked for that they want the world to see. And seriously, today for the first time in my life, I think, looking at a photo like this of me, I say DAAAAMNNNN! not because I am hot or anything in this photo.  But because the little Stina inside of me is clapping of excitement for herself, whispering to every muscle in my body “you did it! you did it! you did it!” I now weigh 52 kg, the weight I used to weigh. Which means I have lost 13 kg since last May. I am a size 25 in jeans! and my boobs are down to a normal C size, which they only are when I exercise. haha!   But it has never been about losing the weight for me, it never was, it has been about getting strong. STRONG IS THE NEW SEXY! No, I don’t want to be a body builder or anything. But I want to be firm, defined and I want to be able to kick any who is trying to mess with me’s ass! hahaha! So seriously, this photo right now, makes me smile so much and is filling my body with goosebumps, because I am admiring myself, just as much as I used to admire those girls I used to obsess about before.

I did what I promised myself to do this new year.

1. Change my lifestyle (in whatever way that meant)
I have. I have always been an active person. Always loved  sports and staying in shape. But I wanted to implement it into my everyday life. Never make excuses. Work out a little bit everyday. Even if it’s just for 15 minutes, do it. It’s better than nothing! And once you get into it, you can’t stop. It’s the most addicting and amazing feeling there is. And in some twisted way, I must thank Nike to that. They got me hooked with all their amazing gears!

2. Learn to run
I have and I am still working on it. Everyday. And in 2 weeks I am running my first race! Which I have sworn many time in my life I would never do. AND I COULDNT BE MORE PUMPED!!!



June 9, 2015

IMG_8911Yuhu!!! My nike package just arrived today. I am going to do the entire Nike weekend. First day 10km race, the next day is work out day. So today I only got my Nike Run package. But it got me all excited for the weekend. Only 2 weeks left! You guys are coming right?! I am so excited! Excited to run my first race. Excited to work out. But mostly excited to just run my first race. I haven’t set a  time of anything, but I am in the below 50 minutes group. So I am hoping I will manage that! If you haven’t signed up, go go go and Sign up at Nike Women’s 10KM Stockholm now!


June 9, 2015

On Monday I am cutting this hair style, real boy cut! I CANNOT WAIT!!!! I am so excited!! My hair grows like 2-3 cm every month, so if I cut it short, a month or two later I am back to the hair I have now, if not even longer! So I figured, if I am ever going to cut boy cut, it’s now!!! Ahhh!! I can’t wait!






June 5, 2015



As I am sitting here and doing my final presentation for Hyper Island, I am questioning myself what my biggest dream is. My biggest dream is to be a Brand Manager at Nike. I love the brand. I think they are cool, they make a difference in their way and I love all their designs and events and yeah, everything that has to do with it. So when will I get there? I have given myself 5 years! Why not now? Because I want to be kick ass amazing the day I decide to go there. I want to be so good that in 10 years, I will be Brand Manager for them in New York! So for now, starting of with the job I have gotten now, IS AMAZING!!! This will be the best learning experience of my life. I will work with such talented and amazing people and working as a “brand manager” there, will be the ultimate challenge and best learning process to take on any brand from here on! I am soon excited!


June 5, 2015



This weekend we celebrated our 1 year anniversary. Of course, we went back to where it all began. Paris. Where else? This magical city was exactly what I needed, the butterflies my stomach needed to feel again and the ultimate rush from a beating heart. My amazing boyfriend, got my tickets and a really nice hotel, magical parisienne dinners and fun speakeasies. Oh my god, I can’t even begin to describe the refreshing feeling I am feeling inside. I needed this and to be honest I think we needed this. I swore to myself that I would never let life get in the way of love. But I sort of feel that this year has. Especially the past couple of months. I have been so focused on my own thing, my two jobs and my final weeks of hyper island, that I somehow have prioritised other things. But just the moment when my spark almost left my body, this amazing boy swopped me off my feet. First of all, I got a jaw with 40 notes in it,  40 love notes, that I am supposed to read each week. And 12 presents that I get the upcoming year, that are all boxed and delivered and just sitting and waiting for me to open. I got beautiful earrings as well! And then the most perfect weekened in Paris. Beat that?! Does this boy spoil me or what?! I feel so loved. Loved by this amazing human that continuously keeps surprising me and keeps the spark going with all the power, love and energy he has in his body. He is such a one of a kind! And can you believe it, HE’S MINE!
So this year has been an amazing year in so many ways, I am so looking forward to this year much much more. And one note every single way, is a good start :) Bring on the year of Happiness!!!

IMG_4063 IMG_4057 IMG_4058 IMG_4072 IMG_4071 IMG_4076 IMG_3641 IMG_3635 IMG_3715


June 1, 2015



Heeey heeey heyyy!!! So at the moment I am just running running running. Because I have signed up for the 10km with Nike in the end of June. Of course I will make it. But for some reason I am starting to get stressed about it. If I miss a day, I get really stressed. And so, I realised, or actually my amazing boyfriend Dag made me realise, that I have gotten too competitive to my self. Stressing about this takes away all the fun. Since the weather hasn’t been treating us swedes, I  haven’t been able to run outside, therefore the numbers on the treadmill has been staring me bild. So now,  I am signed up for the race. But I may not run. It depends on how I feel that day. Because there will be thousands of upcoming races, but the moment I am swamped with two jobs and school. So my schedule is already over packed, that I don’t even have time for friends the upcoming weekend. Therefore stressing and feeling bad about missing a day’s run, isn’t healthy. Or at least not for an obsessive brain like mine. So Kick yourself in the butt if you are feeling the same. Being motivated for something is one thing. But becoming obsessive isn’t good for anyone!


June 1, 2015



Last weekend Dag and I went to a wedding. It was a beautiful wedding. But in the middle of the ceremony the priest held the classic vowels that say that you promise to hold each other forever and more and to forever love each other, yada yada yada.
I am not going to be the pessimistic person about weddings, because I believe in the whole celebration of love. But can I ever promise someone, Dag or someone else, that I will be able to love them for the rest of my life? Promise to stick by them no matter what? I don’t think so… This has nothing to do with my loving Dag. Because I do. And I hope more than anything that I will spend the rest of my life with him. As happy as I am today. But promising someone a forever, how can you do that? I can hope for one. But you never know what is going to happen. Is it possible to just have a wedding to celebrate the love? A commitment to stick by each other, or does it have to mean forever?

Is this commitment issues? Or is this just the reality? The reality that people no longer are married for 100 years. That 63% of everyone gets a divorce. That the average marriage only last 5 years? I don’t know. But witnessing these two beautiful couple, it got me thinking about my forever. And what my inner 85 year old would be saying to me.

June 1, 2015


May 12, 2015



SERIOUSLY GUYS!!! I made it, I ran 8km last night! I did it! I did it! I did it! I never thought I would! But I have accepted the challenge and now I am trainig with Nike, so that I will be able to succeed with my goal! Today I only have to run 5 km. Scooooore! And then do abs and arms! How’s it going for you? DOWNLOAD the nike training club app! Yes, you are thinking “I already have it, it sucks!” That’s because it used to suck. But they did a new own last month. And it’s amazing! Such good work out programs! So download that. Get moving and join me in the movement!!