About texten draft

My name is Stina, but people seem to refer me more to Stiniwini or Stini. I’m a third culture kid. I come from all over the world. I am a very active person, so things happen fast and continuously on the go. People usually say that a week of my life, is a month in any other person’s life. I’m adventures. I love to explore. I like to play. I like all kinds of games. Best way to win my attention, to be inspiring. I love: Photography, dancing, yoga, meditation, happy people, smiles, pretty eyes, nice panties, fruits, morning walks, coffee in the morning, Sweat (only if effort is put into it), Energetic, Creative, Generous and Caring People, Rainbows (especially rainbow cupcakes!) Small personal notes, licorice, baths, bikinis, monkeys, my friends, my mom and most importantly, my grandma. And I absolutely hate! RUDE PEOPLE! and socks.. I have 3 stuffed monkey animals, all in different sizes. One that is half the size of me. I hate sleeping by myself. So if I am ever sleeping alone, I sleep on the couch. I love peppermint and licorice ice cream. My favorite color is Orange. I only need 3-4 hours of sleep. I have kept a diary since I was 5. I love candles. I love cuddles. I’m obsessed with butts. I hate wasting days. I love giving people hugs. I love making people smile. and I try to do that to everyone I meet. But the best thing in the world is being unique, and I like to think myself as it. Not special, but unique.