Posted on June 5, 2015



As I am sitting here and doing my final presentation for Hyper Island, I am questioning myself what my biggest dream is. My biggest dream is to be a Brand Manager at Nike. I love the brand. I think they are cool, they make a difference in their way and I love all their designs and events and yeah, everything that has to do with it. So when will I get there? I have given myself 5 years! Why not now? Because I want to be kick ass amazing the day I decide to go there. I want to be so good that in 10 years, I will be Brand Manager for them in New York! So for now, starting of with the job I have gotten now, IS AMAZING!!! This will be the best learning experience of my life. I will work with such talented and amazing people and working as a “brand manager” there, will be the ultimate challenge and best learning process to take on any brand from here on! I am soon excited!

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