Posted on June 1, 2015



Heeey heeey heyyy!!! So at the moment I am just running running running. Because I have signed up for the 10km with Nike in the end of June. Of course I will make it. But for some reason I am starting to get stressed about it. If I miss a day, I get really stressed. And so, I realised, or actually my amazing boyfriend Dag made me realise, that I have gotten too competitive to my self. Stressing about this takes away all the fun. Since the weather hasn’t been treating us swedes, I  haven’t been able to run outside, therefore the numbers on the treadmill has been staring me bild. So now,  I am signed up for the race. But I may not run. It depends on how I feel that day. Because there will be thousands of upcoming races, but the moment I am swamped with two jobs and school. So my schedule is already over packed, that I don’t even have time for friends the upcoming weekend. Therefore stressing and feeling bad about missing a day’s run, isn’t healthy. Or at least not for an obsessive brain like mine. So Kick yourself in the butt if you are feeling the same. Being motivated for something is one thing. But becoming obsessive isn’t good for anyone!

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