Posted on June 30, 2015

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I got to do yoga with this amazing view at Nike Training Club Tour this Sunday. It was a beautiful 27 degrees sunny day and it was perfect. I have always liked yoga, but since I am a girl who likes to sweat when I am exercising I never get around to it. But this weekend, I really realised how much I love it and how great I feel after it. I feel so at ease in my soul and clear headed. It really is the perfect exercise. So when I get back from my vacation in 3 weeks I will definitely be doing more yoga. At leafs try to squeeze it in on my “rest day”. Does that mean 7 work outs a week?! Hell yeah! I have had people telling me “you can’t work out that much, its too much. its not good of your body. it need sot rest” bla bla bla… But then I had a chat with one of the Nike Master trainers at the event,  and she said “no, it all depends on what shape you are in. If you are a fit girl who works out a lot. A “rest day” can be a yoga day or just a day that you go for  an hour brisk walk or play basketball or something.” So there you have the answer. Just listen to your body. If you are tired, don’t do it. But if you feel like you can, you should! It has nothing to do with your muscle capacity and what not.


So that nice and a great new challenge. There is nothing I love more than sweating and busting my ass over. A great work out class is probably the thing I get the most endorphins from. So why wouldn’t I do it?

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